Spring Fever! Be prepared with this On-Site Sales Checklist

Spring is on its way and so is Spring Break. That means ringing cash registers, lines at the admission window and the opportunity to cash in on the throngs of visitors to be able to convert at least some of them to members! So here is an On-Site Sales checklist to make sure you are ready!

• Set Goals. Do you know what percent of visitors you have been able to convert in the past? If not, track down your paid visitor numbers for last year. Also find the total number of people who bought memberships while visiting. Divide that number by paid visits and your will know your on-site sales conversion rate. Set you goal a little higher this year. Shoot for a 2% to 4% conversion rate.

• Publicize your goal – the percentage you want to convert and a numeric goal. Break that down by week, or month or just for spring break. Be bold and put that number out there so everyone knows what they are working towards. Put a tote board where staff can see progress towards that goal!

• Signage. Break the rules and make some bold, clear signage that will support your salesperson’s efforts. “Members Enter FREE!” “ Membership is a Great value!”

• Select and Train staff. Sales aren’t for everyone. It takes an energetic, outgoing, fearless kind of person. Select people who represent your organization well and who are not afraid to ask people to join! Then train them about everything they need to know about membership and your organization. Retrain frequently to keep them pumped up and up on the latest changes.

• Use an incentive. People are suckers for something FREE! Walking away with a plush or a tote bag makes the member feel good and it will cause ENVY among other guests who will ask “Where did you get that?”

• Tabulate sales by salesperson. Let everyone know how many memberships they sold, reward them in some way and let them know what a great job they are doing and how they are moving the needle on the sales goal.

Now, go out and break some spring sales records!