Membership Consultants – a 25 Year Perspective and Celebration!

Membership Consultants celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012! To commemorate that milestone we will take on 25 membership topics – looking back and looking forward – presenting a topic each week between now and the end of our anniversary year via our blog. We invite you to celebrate with us and weigh in on your membership experiences and opinions.

Membership Consultants was created 25 years ago to share expertise on managing membership programs with all types of membership organizations of all sizes. In that time we have sponsored over 60 seminars, trained over 1,000 membership and development professionals, presented more than 50 sessions at AFP, AAM, AZA at regional and national conferences. We have served hundreds of clients, performing thousands of membership campaigns, sold hundreds of thousands of memberships on behalf of those clients, raising millions of dollars. Most importantly, we have helped connect people to wonderful causes and missions that they care deeply about. In our own way, we have made a difference by helping others make a difference.

In the past 25 years, everything has changed and nothing has changed. What has not changed is that no membership program will succeed without a plan and winning strategies. Membership growth will not happen without the backing – financial and philosophical – of the leadership and without an organization-wide commitment. Membership programs need strong acquisition and renewal strategies, a good product – both in the form of the organization it serves and benefits to offer – and quality customer service.

What has changed in 25 years is the means by which we perform our membership jobs. Technology – from our databases to the use of the Internet and electronic media – have made our membership jobs both easier and yet more complicated. Membership transactions – the way people join or renew – are greatly enhanced. The timing of the membership decision is more immediate. And communications, always key to engagement, is much more economical, but at the same time more difficult to break through because of so much competition.

Follow us for the next 25 weeks as Membership Consultants shares its perspective on 25 hot topics, visions for the future and just known truths of successful membership programs. Happy Anniversary to us!

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