Coffee and Conversation – an end of year Membership chat

Sit back. Get yourself a nice cup of hot coffee or tea. Or maybe pop a cork if you would like to celebrate. Let’s talk as you wrap up your membership year.

Clear your mind of all the clutter of last minute things to do before the holidays or the end of the year.

Let’s revel in our little successes – or big successes. The year is over. At this point there isn’t a whole lot we can do to change the outcome. So just sit and reflect for a moment.

What are you most proud of this year? No matter what kind of year you and your program may have had, there is probably at least one thing that will make you smile. What is that? How did you make it happen? Or how did you take advantage of a situation that happened on its own?

Over the course of the next month, count the times that someone asks you “How did membership do this year?” You should be ready with your Membership elevator speech! So thinking about what the high points were and how you want to communicate that is what we are focusing on now.

I was struck at the end of last year, when out of the blue, I got a note from a client at the end of the year. We had not yet done the final, official wrap up of the year and the projects we had done together, but she put the whole big picture together. Her email went like this…

“Online transactions are growing rapidly. In 2012, we sent online renewals for the first time. On average, we sold 14.2% of our Memberships online in 2012 – compared to an average of 9.3% in past 3 years. In December, we recorded the largest number of online Membership sales, ever in one month – 18%, thanks to the new eReminders instituted this year”

That was one membership manager’s reflection on her best accomplishment for the year – and she could quote that to anyone who ask the question of how her program was doing for that year.

So take a moment, reflect, and think about what makes you feel good about your accomplishments for 2013 as we wind down the year….Sing your own praises for a moment, before it is time to crank it up for the new year.

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Happy Holidays!