Membership Loyalty = Membership Renewal Success

Membership health and growth is dependent upon keeping your Members and keeping your Members happy! With a healthy membership renewal rate, our programs have a much greater likelihood of achieving growth. So it is sometime the little details that are a BIG deal to our members, and in turn, help them decide what to do at renewal time.

I am borrowing from a recent post in the Agitator (a great daily read at that they borrowed from a retail study produced by Aimia entitled Inflection Points: Seizing the Moments in Customer Loyalty. We all believe in recycling, right? See how this applies to your membership and donor programs. See how many of these you can say “Yes, we are doing that!” to!

1. Timely sending of a ‘thank you’ (and their membership cards)

2. Using personalization in any communication (in emails, renewal reminders and annual appeal asks)

3. Correctly spelling a name

4. Correctly making an address or any other record change

5. Effectively and graciously handling any ‘customer service’ type member inquiry

6. Honoring a member or donor request (e.g., a channel preference)

7. Demonstrating you know who that specific member is (e.g., referencing a recent contribution, a program preference)

8. Acknowledging the anniversary date of the member’s first engagement with your organization

9. Thanking a member for taking a non-contribution action (and especially when she sings your praise, on Facebook, social media, or in a letter to the Director!)

10. Asking the member for advice or input (e.g., member surveys)

This retail industry report is focusing on a loyalty program – and as Membership Managers, so are we. Here are some other good pointers to use as a lens to look at your program and your service delivery to members:

Break down the silos – what internal challenges are road blocks do you need to clear to provide better service to members?

Leverage data to improve service – Use your data to provide better service, know when to expect high volume, get extra help to keep quality and response high during your busy times.

Deliver a flawless renewal and joining experience – Make it easy, don’t confuse, deliver benefits in a user friendly way.

Practice surprise and delight – give your members little extras throughout the year – a thank you event, an extra discount at the shop. Make their day with special deals when they visit.

Exploit the network effect – Get your members involved in your social media. Get them talking about what a great experience membership can be. Let them be your brand advocates!