Spring Break, Busy Summers and other Tales of On-Site Sales

Are you ready for gung ho! Membership sales? Do you have a smiling team ready to greet and sell memberships to your visitors in your busiest seasons? If you answer yes, than check off everything that you are already doing that is listed below. If your answer is “NO” then get busy!

• Do you have a team that is ready and willing to sell membership?
• Can they give you their membership sales elevator speeches? One that is benefits based? One that is mission based?
• Are they armed with membership “cheat sheets” that do the math for visitors based on group size?
• Do you have goals for membership sales? Sales goals per month, per week, per day or sales per hour per person?
• Do you have people from other departments on the membership band wagon ready to help with sales? Gift shop, visitor services, finance, HR?
• Have you streamlined the processing piece of the membership transactions?
• Do you have pre-stuffed packets that new members can walk away with?
• Do you have a desirable premium to tip the prospect’s decision in your favor?
• Do you have traffic estimates so that you can adequately staff each day of the week?
• Do you have signage that says “Join Here. Enter FREE?”
• Have you trained your staff in classroom and on the floor settings?
• Are you and your salespeople pumped up and ready to go?

If you answered YES to most or all of these questions then go out and SELL! If not, get busy and get prepared for bang up sales this season.
The Membership Consultants sales and training team is in the midst of a successful spring season. To date, working two venues this spring break, they have sold 2,764 memberships and raised $352,235! Thanks to a great team, clients committed to maximizing their sales potential and wonderful institutions with excellent products worthy of members’ support!